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tooth extraction squareKnocked out teeth also known as an Avulsed tooth can be caused by a variety of events such as accidental falls, sports related trauma, fights, car accidents, or biting down on hard food. Here are some tips on what to do if you ever come across losing a tooth!

1. Try to place the tooth back into the mouth. Be careful not to swallow it. Bite gently on gauze to help stop the bleeding

2. If the tooth will not go back in, place tooth in a container and cover it in a small amount of whole milk.

3. If it’s possible place tooth between the lower lip and lower gum or underneath the tongue to keep the tooth from drying as you go to the dentist.

4. Apply a cold compress for pain to area of mouth

5. See your dentist as soon as possible (within the hour)

6. Do not touch the root of the tooth (where the tooth was in gum) hold the tooth by the upper part (crown)

7. If tooth is dirty, clean with milk, and rinse with water. Do not wipe clean on fabric

8. If it’s a baby tooth do not replant

9. Take ibuprofen/acetaminophen for the pain

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