Can I Get Invisalign on Top Teeth Only?
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Can I Get Invisalign on Top Teeth Only?

Can I Get Invisalign on Top Teeth Only?

No two sets of teeth are identical. The alignment, position, and bite of a person are as unique as their fingerprints. That means that no two treatment plans are ever the same. When it comes to straightening a smile or repositioning a person’s bite, a dental care provider can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to solve a patient’s problems. Dentists and orthodontists must tailor their approach to the unique needs of their patients.

At Passes Dental Care, that’s exactly what we do. Your needs are unique. You deserve specialized treatment plans that address your concerns, not someone else’s. One of the questions our office gets asked is, can Invisalign aligners be worn on the top teeth only? The answer is, it depends.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a more comfortable and discrete approach to straightening teeth. They are clear plastic aligners that gradually reposition teeth. The FDA-approved plastic aligners are thin and virtually invisible. They snugly fit over the teeth and are designed to apply the needed amount of force to shift the position of an individual’s teeth.

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners can be removed when a person wants to eat, drink, or brush their teeth. When worn correctly, the aligners will gradually straighten a person’s smile and can also help correct bite issues like overbites or underbites.

Most people find Invisalign aligners a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way to improve their smiles. A dental care provider will constantly monitor a patient’s progress. Depending on the patient’s goals, in six to 18 months, a new smile can be achieved.

Can Invisalign Be Used on Top Teeth Only?

The simple answer is yes. The more in-depth answer is, it depends on your goals and your unique situation. When an orthodontic appliance like Invisalign or braces is applied to the top teeth only, it is called a single-arch orthodontic treatment.

A single-arch orthodontic treatment involves using an appliance on only the top or bottom set of teeth, but not both. Sometimes this approach is needed when changing just one arch will resolve a bite issue or crooked teeth. Sometimes this technique is used when a dental care provider needs to change the alignment of one arch before changing the position of the second arch.

Invisalign can be a good option for top teeth only when there are spacing issues impacting the upper set of teeth. It may also be useful in cases where a patient suffers from an overbite or crowded teeth. However, there are challenges associated with single-arch treatments. A single-arch treatment can change the alignment of a person’s bite.

Is Single-Arch Treatment with Invisalign Right for You?

You may be a candidate for a single-arch treatment if you fall into one of the following categories:

  • There’s a gap in your teeth
  • You have minor spacing issues
  • You have crooked front teeth
  • You have a tooth that is misaligned
  • You’ve had a relapse after prior orthodontic treatments

Only your dental care provider can determine whether a single-arch treatment is the right course of action for you. An oral care provider can examine your teeth, bite, and jaw alignment and craft a unique Invisalign treatment plan that addresses your needs. If you are interested in getting Invisalign for your top teeth only, talk to your dentist or orthodontist. Explain your concerns and what you ultimately want to achieve when it comes to your smile and oral health.

If you want Invisalign aligners for your top teeth only because you are concerned about cost, again, have a conversation with your dental care provider. In some cases, treating your top teeth only will cause more severe dental issues down the road. Your dentist or orthodontist can tell you if you are a candidate for top Invisalign trays only. If top only is not an option, they can talk with you about available payment options that fit your financial needs. There are a variety of ways that you may be able to pay for an Invisalign treatment plan without breaking the bank.

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Considering Invisalign for your top teeth? Make an appointment with one of the dental care providers at Passes Dental Care today to discuss your options. Our team will assess your teeth, jaw, and bite and help determine which Invisalign options are right for you. We want to address your needs and help you achieve the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

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