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Dental Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Dental Anxiety and How to Overcome It

Going to the dentist is an essential part of managing your overall health. The health of your teeth not only affects your ability to eat and drink, but it can also impact the health of your mouth and gums and even your heart, lungs, and brain. While brushing your teeth and flossing twice daily is an important starting point for maintaining oral health, regular visits to the dentist are necessary to ensure that there are no underlying problems with your teeth. Although most visits to the dentist are not painful, they are still an often stressful experience, particularly if you suffer from dental anxiety. This anxiety may stop you from visiting the dentist, even when you know it is best for your teeth and your overall health.

The experienced dentists at Passes Dental Care understand that many people suffer from dental anxiety and are prepared to help make you feel comfortable at their office. Their team is knowledgeable about dental anxiety and can help you learn techniques to stay calm during your visit. Our own Dr. Harvey Passes has even written a book titled Profiles in Dental Courage, which is specifically geared towards understanding and overcoming dental anxiety. With their help, you can work through your anxiety and help maintain and care for your teeth.

If you are struggling with dental phobia or anxiety, your teeth and gums may be suffering due to lack of appropriate treatment. Although many people begin with a reasonable reason for disliking or fearing the dentist, this phobia causes concerns to grow more intense, leading to an overwhelming sense of dread and even panic attacks. Many people with dental anxiety live with tooth pain, gum disease, and unsightly teeth because they wish to avoid the dentist at all costs. Dental anxiety can have a serious effect on your health, both physically and mentally. You can, however, take steps to overcome this anxiety. Some of the steps you can take to treat this anxiety include:

  • Going to the first appointment with a trusted friend or relative
  • Discuss concerns with your dentist before the appointment
  • Distract yourself with music, podcasts, or television
  • Try controlled breathing exercises or other relaxation techniques
  • Review your dentist’s options for sedation dentistry

Each of these techniques may provide different levels of comfort for different people, so it is important to find what works best for you. Working with a dentist who specializes in dental anxiety is often the best way to start, however, as they are often most equipped to make your experience more pleasant.

If you or a loved one suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone. This is a common phobia that you can work through, and the dental team at Passes Dental Care is prepared to help. Whether you are seeking a less stressful environment, an understanding doctor, or sedation therapy, their team is ready to meet your needs. Contact them at (516) 858-5921, today.

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