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When we leave our homes every day, we want to feel confident and look our best. We want to hold our heads high and wear our smiles proudly. In order to wear our smiles as proudly as we deserve to, we have to take care of our teeth, gums, and oral health.

At Passes Dental Care, we welcome our patients with open arms and help them maintain and restore the health of their teeth so they can show off their smiles. Call the Harbor Hills dental professionals today at 516-858-5921 to schedule your appointment.

What We Do

Passes Dental Care provides comprehensive dental care to people of all ages throughout Great Neck, NY. We can take care of your dental needs with the following services we offer at our practice:

Dental and Oral Care

We are a full-service practice, and we can provide all the services listed above. Here are some additional details.

General Dentistry Care

At the core of the comprehensive dental care we provide for our patients is our general dentistry service. This service is composed of routine dental exams and teeth cleanings. We’ll welcome you twice a year into our office for your complete dental exam and thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums, as recommended by the American Dental Association. In addition, we can provide fillings, crowns, bridges, and perform tooth and wisdom teeth extractions. We can help resolve many issues related to damage, decay, gum disease, and your bite with one or several of these general dentistry treatments and procedures. This promotes the health of your teeth and can even serve as preventive measures against further tooth and gum damage.

Pediatric Dentistry

Babies are born without teeth, but as soon as their first tooth sprouts, Passes Dental Care is ready to start fortifying their oral health. It’s recommended that children receive their first dental exam by the date of their first birthday. We treat children from the tender ages and throughout their growth into adulthood. From routine teeth cleanings to fillings, sealings, extractions, and comprehensive exams to catch any dental issues that may arise as soon as they appear, we’re a one-stop-shop children’s dentist.

Restorative Dentistry

When you have damaged teeth, you should understand that your teeth don’t have to remain that way. We provide professional restoration of tooth damage by our experienced dentists. Whether you need implants or dentures, we’ll help diagnose the problem and determine the best solution to get you flashing your best smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you don’t like it, you can fix it, and we can help. With our cosmetic dentistry services, we can fix a number of aesthetic issues in your smile that you don’t feel too great about. From crooked, chipped, or stained teeth to gaps and spaces between teeth, we offer procedures and treatments to correct the issue and to help you have a more confident smile.

Sedation Dentistry

We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for our patients, whether they’re coming to us for the first time or are repeat patients. We understand that going to the dentist can be anxiety-provoking. So we offer certain sedation options (oral, inhalation, and intravenous sedation) for our patients, administered by our dental anesthesiologist, to help them better relax so they can receive the dental treatment they deserve and need.


Our very own periodontist helps treat patients who come to us with inflammation of their gums. This issue can be a serious one, as even though it can start off with a relatively mild condition, such as gingivitis, it can progress to a more serious periodontitis or gum disease. Periodontitis must be treated promptly as it can lead to bone loss, which increases the risk of tooth loss. You can’t have healthy teeth without having healthy gums.


When issues arise within the structure of your teeth or within a tooth itself, specialized treatment is necessary to resolve the issue and protect your teeth going forward. Our endodontist performs root canals to achieve this goal. Root canals may not be the most exciting idea, but when they’re done properly, they’re beneficial to the health, sustainability, and protection of your teeth.

Dental Implants

In line with one of our goals of helping patients restore their teeth, we have an experienced periodontist who provides exceptional dental implants. Based on your need, we can install one of several different implants — root implants, subperiosteal implants, and plate form implants — to replace any missing or damaged front, back, or upper teeth that you may have.


For patients who desire to improve the look of the teeth and bite, and ultimately their smile, we provide the advanced Invisalign system for those who wish to try it.


This has become a popular procedure due to its success in giving people what they believe is their perfect smile. The dental professionals at Passes Dental Care are skilled in designing veneers for our patients who want to improve their smiles. Veneers are high-grade porcelain “caps” that resemble real teeth and are applied to the natural teeth. In the end, our patients are left with teeth that they want to smile about.

TMD/TMJ and Snoring Disorders

harbor hills snoring disorderSome patients come to us complaining of their jaws making clicking noises, which may cause them pain. Others complain of ear pain and pain in the muscles of their faces. These could be a sign of temporomandibular disorder or temporomandibular joint disorder, better known as TMD and TMJ. We’ve helped our patients treat these conditions and reduce or eliminate their pain by fitting them with oral appliances, dental injections, restoration, or orthodontics treatments.

We also treat patients who suffer from excessive snoring or sleep apnea. If you’re suffering from sleep issues that you believe may be caused by sleep apnea, we can perform a thorough examination and develop a comprehensive treatment plan which may involve fitting you with an oral sleep appliance.

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We stand ready to serve you and provide you with the best dental care in Harbor Hills. Call us today at 516-858-5921 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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