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How to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

How to Keep Teeth Healthy During Halloween

Halloween ImageWith Halloween just around the corner, it can feel like an uphill battle trying to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy with an onslaught of candy. It can almost feel like they’re trick or treating for tooth decay. Although it’s hard to keep your kids from their candy, parents and dentists alike have been fighting off Halloween-induced cavities for years. Here are a few tips for keeping your kid’s teeth healthy during this fun but sugar-filled holiday!

  • Brush, Brush, and Brush. Every dentist says this and for a good reason. This is the most proven method for warding off any potential cavities or early tooth decay. Every time your child dives into their bucket candies, make sure they brush soon after so that any sticky sugar doesn’t stay on their teeth.
  • Avoid the Certain Types of Candy. Not all candy is created equal, and some are undoubtedly worse for the teeth than others. Hard and gooey candies like jolly ranchers and gummies have a very large quantity of sugar. Chomping down on hard candies can chip away teeth, and they tend to stay in the mouth for longer than the average sweet since kids are meant to suck on them or get their teeth stuck. The sugar will erode at the teeth for the hour or so it takes saliva to break it down.
  • Be “That House”. Setting the precedent for health in your neighborhood is never a bad thing. Parents will enjoy the message you send by giving out oranges and boxes of natural juice instead of lollipops and boxes of dots.
  • Plan Your Candy Consumption. Most kids want to eat all of their candy the night they get it. However, this can cause not only problems for their dental health but also leave them feeling sick for days to come. Planning out their candy can not only keep them healthy but also make sure that they also have some treats on hand for a while.
  • Donate To Others: There are also a number of programs that allow parents and children to donate away large amounts of their excess candy. There is the Soldier’s’ Angels program to give a Halloween to our troops overseas and the Ronald McDonald House which gives candies to kids in children’s hospitals.
  • See a Passes Dental Care Dentist. The best way to make sure that the storm of Halloween doesn’t completely ruin your child’s dental health is to take them to a dentist soon afterward for a checkup.

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to be a kid. They get to dress up with their friends, they feel like the neighborhood is theirs for a night, and they get a ton of candy. And, by following these Halloween health tips, their parents can ensure that this one night won’t have a lasting affect on their dental health.

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