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Manhasset High School Senior Scholarship

Manhasset High School Senior Scholarship

Dr. Harvey Passes Funds Local Scholarship

Seniors all over the country have been preparing for the moment when they would finally finish high school and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Passes Dental Care wanted to do something special for a high school student in Manhasset; this student did not have to be the top of his or her class, this student did not need to be the fastest or strongest. Passes Dental Care was looking for the student that possessed leadership by inspiring those around them. After reading many passionate, emotional and inspiring pieces, one seemed to stand out above all.

Scholar Qualities

Alfred Polizzotto, a senior at Manhasset High School, was the recipient of the first annual Passes Dental Cares Scholarship of $1,000. He did more than just community service, because this scholarship is more than just that. Alfred motivated and encouraged those that did not see the value in education and uplifted them to believe that with education, determination and hard work, that they could accomplish anything. Alfred continued to ignite the flame of inspiration when he encouraged a young girl to go through heart surgery, although she was afraid, which in turn saved her life. Passes Dental Care saw a true leader in Alfred and was in awe of his actions.

A Continuing Tradition

Passes Dental Care is excited to continue this tradition of helping the youth of our community continue their education. It is an honor and a privilege for our dental practice to be able to give back to the Manhasset community.

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