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Overcome Dental Fear & Anxiety at Passes Dental Care

Overcome Dental Fear & Anxiety at Passes Dental Care

It is common for people to feel fearful and anxious before they visit a dentist. If you’re someone who worries about an upcoming dental visit days or weeks before your appointment or are really terrified about dental treatment and worry about it all the time, you should know you’re not alone.

Many surveys have found that up to 75% of people have experienced at least some degree of fear about dental visits with up to 15% reporting they are extremely fearful and so much in fact that many end up not seeing a dentist even though they need treatment. Some people will go as far as being very careful about what they eat so they don’t chip or break a tooth which would require them to visit a dentist.

The Good News in All of This

Now for the good news! If you are fearful and/or anxious about seeing a dentist, you should know that help is available. Even if you are extremely fearful about dental treatment, you can overcome your fear and learn to have the treatment you need in a manner that feels safe and calm.

What Causes Dental Fear and Anxiety

Nobody is born being fearful of visiting a dentist as this fear is a learned behavior. Some people become fearful of dental visits due to having previous negative dental experiences. Others may be afraid to go to the dentist because of stories they heard, movies they’ve watched or other indirect experiences. Just a parent telling a child about a negative and unpleasant dental experience they’ve had is enough to make the child very fearful about seeing a dentist for any treatment he or she needs.

How to Overcome Your Fear

If you are fearful about visiting a dentist, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us so you can meet with Dr. Passes. He has over 42 years of experience helping patients just like you feel safe and secure in the dentist’s chair. Dr. Passes has had his own dental phobia clinic and has seen what has and what has not worked for his patients. At your consultation with Dr. Passes, he will take the time to listen to what you have to say. Then, while working closely with you, he will devise a plan you agree with that will help you get the dental care you need comfortably and without feeling overly fearful. Don’t forget you can also request a free copy of our book, “Profiles In Dental Courage”. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon and helping you overcome the fear and anxiety you feel about visiting a dentist.

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