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A Fun Read For Overcoming Dental Phobias

A Fun Read For Overcoming Dental Phobias

Profiles in Dental Courage: How to Completely Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist by Harvey Passes, DDS is a must-read for everyone nervous, fearful, or downright terrified about going to the dentist. For one reason or another, quite a lot of us have lingering dental phobias that prevent us from getting check-ups and treatments. These anxieties can ultimately wind up costing us our dental health as cavities go undetected, gum disease worsens, and root infections take hold. Thankfully, Dr. Passes’s book gives us a fun, entertaining way to confront and overcome our fears. Enjoyable stories about his personal experiences, along with anecdotes about his patients and helpful teeth-care tips, make Profiles in Dental Courage an indispensable tool—and a very fun read!

How Can This Book Help Me?

Profiles in Dental Courage can help you understand and move beyond your anxieties about visiting the dentist. First and foremost, according to Dr. Passes, “in the case of fear, there is always a story to share with others.” His book explains that nervous patients fear the dentist for understandable reasons, due to past experiences. It tells us that many people develop phobias after suffering intense pain while receiving dental treatments. Fears can also arise when patients feel helpless or vulnerable. Dr. Passes’s book explains that a good dentist can go the extra mile to empower patients and to provide pain-free care. For example, dentists can help by:

  • Listening closely to their patients
  • Taking their patients’ fears seriously
  • Clearly communicating problems and procedures to patients
  • Implementing new technologies that decrease pain
  • Using “distractive dentistry”

Dr. Passes provides numerous entertaining, heartwarming examples of how he has used all of these strategies in his own dental practice. He introduces us to patients with extreme dental phobias and walks us through how he helped those patients overcome their issues. His “distractive dentistry” is particularly memorable. This technique relies on decreasing a patient’s fear by causing them to think about something else. Dr. Passes, “the Singing Dentist,” often uses music to distract his patients from their dental anxieties.

In addition to describing practices that dentists should use to help you overcome your anxieties, Profiles in Dental Courage also provides the reader with handy tips and snippets of practical information. Dr. Passes believes that knowing more about dental health and care can help ease a patient’s fears. Among other lessons, his readers learn what cause cavities, how to find a good dentist in their local area, and how to avoid baby bottle tooth syndrome.

If you have a dental phobia, you are certainly not alone. Thousands upon thousands of people harbor worries about visiting their dentist. The good news is that you can overcome this fear and start yourself down the road to good dental health with help from Profiles in Dental Courage. For a limited time, you can get a free copy of Dr. Passes’ instructive and entertaining book. If you want to visit a dentist who cares deeply about his patient’s comfort and security in addition to the health of their teeth, call Dr. Passes’ office today at 516-858-5921.

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