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Passes Dental Cares

Passes Dental Cares

At Passes Dental Care, we are proud of the ways we give back to the Great Neck, Manhasset, and Roslyn, New York areas. Our local support efforts are guided by Dr. Harvey Passes himself, and they cover a range of worthy causes that benefit the community.

Passes Dental Cares Scholarship

Because our office culture and beliefs are creating memorable and meaningful dental experiences by challenging the status quo of dentistry today, Passes Dental Care helps create an environment for our patients that not only inspires them but allows them to feel comfortable, welcomed and a part of something meaningful. One of the noblest acts one human being can do for another is to offer unselfish guidance and direction. We call these people mentors, coaches or teachers. The best in this group possess that rare ability to motivate and inspire by instilling passion, the fuel of success, in others to achieve their goal. Working with the Manhasset School District, this scholarship of $1,000 will be offered annually, to those a students who move others to challenge themselves and beat their only competition, their potential. Students are asked to complete a five hundred word essay explaining how the senior student has reached out to another, provided direction, inspiration and passion, empowering another to reach their goal.

Giving Back to The Community

Passes Dental Care is involved in donating to many worthy causes by participating in a variety of different drives and taking an interest in our local community. A few of the programs that we choose to associate with are:

  • Toys for Tots
  • Long Island Cares
  • Free Day of Dentistry for Head Start students

Through these important programs, we aim to aide those in need. Our contributions to our community does not end when your appointment is over.

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