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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Dentist in Great Neck

a lady with a beautiful smileGet a Brighter, Whiter Smile from Your Dentist in Great Neck, NY

Your smile can speak volumes about you ― so what is yours telling others? If your smile is dull, yellowed, and dingy, you may not be making the great first impression you’re hoping for. Thankfully, it’s now easier than ever to get the bright, healthy-looking smile you’ve been dreaming of. At Passes Dental Care, our passion is helping our patients achieve strong, healthy, great-looking smiles. We proudly offer a variety of general and cosmetic dentistry services that help set you on the path to a life-long healthy smile.

What Causes Yellow or Stained Teeth?

There are many common habits that can lead to the discoloration of teeth. Besides being bad for your health in general, using cigarettes and other tobacco products can stain the surface of your teeth. Certain beverages, including coffee, tea, red wine, and colas can also lead to surface staining. In addition, acid food and drinks can soften your tooth enamel, making it easier for stains to settle in deeper, making them more difficult to remove. Poor oral hygiene, in general, can also leave teeth looking dingy and discolored, which is easily exacerbated by stain-prone food and drink.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

One of the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening. When performed in-office by a dental professional, teeth whitening is a safe, relatively quick procedure that can help you achieve a more confident, great-looking smile after one visit.

Teeth whitening works by using a whitening agent that is able to penetrate the teeth. Oxygen molecules from that agent then react with the stain molecules on your teeth, breaking them up and leaving you with a whiter looking smile.

Professional Methods vs. At-Home Methods

While there are many at-home methods of teeth whitening available, it is always best to leave it to your dental professional to complete the treatment. When teeth whitening is performed by your dentist, it not only typically yields more satisfactory results, but they can also closely monitor your progress and look for any cracks or chips in your teeth, which reduces the chances of experiencing tooth sensitivity afterward.

Maintaining Your Whitened Smile

To keep your smile looking its brightest, it’s important to brush and floss regularly (as you should already be doing). Using a whitening toothpaste can help, too. In addition, avoid food and drink that more easily stain your teeth. If you are a tobacco user ― besides being solid health advice regardless ― quitting tobacco will also help keep your smile looking whiter for longer. Finally, you can always visit Passes Dental Care for quick touch-up whitening treatments from your trusted dentist in Great Neck.

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Don’t let dingy, discolored teeth keep you from showing off your smile ― you can have the brighter, whiter smile you’ve been dreaming of today. As your go-to dentist in Great Neck, the dental team as Passes Dental Care offer a wide range of both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments for a healthier, great-looking smile. Contact us today if you’re ready to learn more, or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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