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Temporarily Fixing Dental Crowns

Temporarily Fixing Dental Crowns

square crownImagine this:
You are getting ready for your date or preparing for a big sales presentation when all of a sudden your dental crown, in the front of your mouth, falls out. Would you know what to do so that you could continue with your plans?

What’s a dental crown?
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” or covering that is placed 360° over your tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and improve its appearance. Here are some home remedies to assist you if this calamity should befall you suddenly.

Crowns will fall out if they are not fitted properly, have a cavity under them or if its cement is washed out. If this should happen to you simply place the crown in a secure zip-top plastic bag, and bring it to your dentist. The old crown can be used to make you a temporary crown until a new one is made. But we both know that these problems occur after hours when the dentist office is closed. So, here are some other ways you can manage this potentially embarrassing problem:

• Contact your dentist right away and tell him or her that the crown has fallen out and that you need it to be fixed.
• Take the crown out of your mouth, you do not want to swallow it or breathe it in. Simply look inside the crown for any debris or old cement. Take a safety pin and scratch out that debris. Rinse it over the sink while covering the drain so that the crown does not fall in accidentally. Then, go to a drugstore and get a temporary dental cement kit or a denture adhesive such as Fixodent or Poligrip. Squeeze a little inside the crown. Fit it back on your tooth and bite down. This will help to seat it properly. Wipe any excess adhesive or cement off with a Q-Tip or tissue.

Be sure to be careful when eating, and do not chew too hard where the temporarily cemented crown is. Do not wait too long to see your dentist; make sure to call right away!

Should you need immediate care please feel free to call us at 516 487 3131.

And remember, “May the floss be with you.”


What You Should Do When a Crown Falls Off of Your Tooth

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