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Your First Visit

Your First Visit
at Passes Dental Care

Welcome To Our Practice!

Thank you for your interest in Passes Dental Care! Our office has a welcoming, comfortable environment so you can feel confident knowing you are about to receive high quality dental care.

What To Do Before Your First Dental Appointment

  • In order to expedite the in-office process, please download, print, fill out, and bring with you our new patient forms
  • If you don’t have these forms completed before you come into the office, allow for extra time to complete the required forms before being seen

What To Expect At Your First Exam:

boy at first dental appointment

  • Your initial exam will last approximately one hour
  • X-rays will be taken to evaluate your dental health
  • You will be given oral hygiene instructions
  • We may clean your teeth on this visit
  • We will provide an evaluation outlining your existing problems and proposed treatment

We “tell you what you need, but give you what you want.” Our staff will speak candidly and compassionately with you about your dental conditions, you can count on it. Multiple options will always be available to you. If you partner with us, we can work together to keep your smile beautiful with healthy teeth, gums, and jaw joints!

Interested in Booking Your Appointment at Passes Dental Care? Contact us Today!

If you would like to make an appointment, please do so by filling out our request an appointment form. We make sure your visits are smooth and efficient. We serve Great Neck, Manhasset and the surrounding areas. Our services range from cosmetic and pediatric dentistry to dental implants, snoring therapy, and Invisalign. If you have any questions, one of our friendly staff members would be glad to help! Just call us at (516) 858-5921 or fill out our contact form right here on our website!

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